Exercise With Free Weights Or Machines? Which Is Better?

Most modern gym containing various types of equipment for training. They can be divided into 2 major categories: free weights / machines.

Under free weights mean primarily variable weights or dumbbells that can optionally be added and subtracted the weight of various kinds’ bars. Two handed weight has since received in both hands, while the smaller rod set and smaller weights forming one handed weight.

The machines have rightly placed a group of weights or there is hydraulic thrust which can be increased or decreased depending on the need and desire of one exercise.

Which is better – machines or free weights?

Although the machines fascinate with their looks and design, some act futuristic and sophisticated, even may seem more accessible and much friendlier, they are not the best solution when it comes to the most effective way to achieve muscle mass. So many people give great advantage to the use of free weights and exercises its own weight rather than machines.

Although the machines were designed to better and safer exercise, they isolate particular muscle and they are not the most effective way to stimulate muscle growth. Isolating exercises are those exercises that affect only certain muscles, and complex exercises are those that integrate multiple muscle groups.


  1. Require less effort during their use than the free weight bar – sit on the device, you select the desired resistance and make movements that are easy to learn, and most of the deal are illustrated instructions that guide you through the whole movement.
  2. The machines almost always positioned in a sitting position although most physical activities in real life and various sports are not as like that. Thus, most machines not contribute in improving balance and stabilization which you both need.
  3. The machines dictate the direction and volume of movement, so that, when using a particular power in the right direction comes to moving a precise, predetermined issue and it is not possible to make a full volume of the movement that you would like. Do only as much as you allow designated floors.
  4. The machines mainly act deafening, isolate only the main muscle involved in the movement, which has badly affected the development of flexibility and prevents the other muscle groups to work together as a whole and prevents training stabilizing muscle groups.
  5. In any case they are designed for maximum to avoid any possibility of injury and does not require an assistant to carry out the exercises.

Free weight:

  1. Free weight of the person requires a certain time and practice required to learn the true movement and increase the concentration of the movement to be correct. For example, people who first do bench press with dumbbells or hip often come to limp and must focus more on the movement to be exact.
  2. Weights and bars allow you to do full volume of the movement, not limiting you to pre-set motion and require the use of greater stabilization of the muscle groups of the movement to be exact.
  3. Use the exercises with free weights makes you stronger in everyday activities.
  4. With the training with free weight you don’t train only major muscles, but much muscle stabilizers that are activated to enable you to make the desired movements.
  5. Although the movement may not be the ideal generated as with machines, with the free weights you can make more natural movements and develop your flexibility, coordination, balance.


A typical example of the difference between working with free weights and work-plans can be explained by two exercises: thrust machine chest and thrust the rod lying on the bench seat.

In the hip thrust the chest muscles perform the movement, and the front and triceps muscles assist while performing abdominal muscles stabilize the trunk. Thus, in one exercise involved all muscle groups that you want to hire while engaged and two other muscle groups, and somewhat activated third.

In the thrust device, the movements are predetermined, volume of movement is limited, and the stabilizing muscles are not involved.


Although the exercises using free weight should be given priority because of all of the above reasons, it does not mean it to use only them. The exercises that are performed with machines are also good. Let your training be diversified, and consists of one and other exercises.

Only it is not recommended to be reduced to training only with machines just because they give seem simpler and more practical then weights, cables, etc.

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