Every Woman Should Know These 15 Tricks with Baking Soda! They Can Change Your Life!

The countless benefits of baking soda have been known since ancient Egypt. There are over 300 ways you can use baking soda, and today we will present you the top 15!

Natural deodorant

Yes, you can stop spending 10 times more money on deodorant. And you will keep your health as well!

Relieve insect bites

Get rid of the itching and discomfort from insect bites.

Body scrub

Say goodbye to wrinkles and other skin imperfections by using it as a body scrub


Mix baking soda and water and relieve heartburn and indigestion

Hair growth

Use baking soda to boost hair growth

Stretch marks

Reduce the appearance of stretch marks.

Say goodbye to bad breath

Start using baking soda for oral hygiene and say goodbye to bad breath

Rough skin

Rub some baking soda on your heels, put on a pair of socks and soon your rough skin will be gone.


Baking soda can eliminate every kind of stain.

Bad fridge smell

Start using baking soda to eliminate the unpleasant smell in your fridge

Polish old jewelry.

Restore your favorite jewelry’s shine with the help of baking soda.


It can be effective in the treatment of abscesses.


Baking soda can help you soothe sunburns effectively.

Beans and peas softener

Baking soda will make your beans and peas cook easier.

Make your beans and peas easier to cook with the use of baking soda.

Whiter teeth

Brush your teeth with baking soda to get that flawless white color

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