Even Scientists Are Hard To Believe: A Girl Of 8 Years Have Found A Cure For Cancer!

One family diner, the Lisanty couple, both scientists, got a shocking answer from their 8 year old daughter. Namely, her father Michael asked her how she would cure cancer and the response as childish as it was, made him think. Little Camilla would cure cancer with antibiotics, like curing a sore throat.

That’s when Camilla’s mom and dad who are scientists-researchers in the field of oncology decided to test their daughter’s theory. They started conducting a study based on this theory in Royal Manchester laboratory. Shockingly, Camilla wasn’t far from the truth. They concluded that ordinary antibiotics that are widely used every day for curing all sorts of diseases are able to kill cancer cells. According to their findings, antibiotics can fight breast, prostate, lung, ovarian and pancreatic cancer, and brain tumors.

While testing the ability of antibiotics, the Lisanti discovered that they actually eliminate cancer cells’ mitochondria – the part responsible for cells’ multiplication, which means the metastasis is prevented and the growth is stopped.

“So many times while having dinner my wife and I talked about our research and cancer so one evening we asked our daughter what she think about it, and she was shocked us the answer that at first glance seemed totally crazy to then turned out to be totally right, “ says Michael.

Currently they are testing the theory on humans who suffer from breast cancer expecting that on that kind of cancer the antibiotics can me most effective.

“At one point I thought is it possible that I am so naive to believe in fantasies of my daughter that antibiotics can cure cancer, but … She’s usually right about everything. Simply she gives answers that make sense. ”

“I think it will be a diplomat or a lawyer when she grows up, someone who thinks fast and speed,”

Camilla is proof that kids’ ideas are not always foolish and meaningless – sometimes they can save lives.

Source: healthadvisorgroup.com

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