Entire Family Dies After Young Woman Makes a Simple Mistake in the Kitchen

The potatoes are one of the most commonly consumed vegetable in the world. They can be prepared in many ways, one of which is everyone’s favorite – French fries.

While one would never think that potatoes can be harmful, the following story tells us that not only they can be extremely harmful, they can even be deadly! After reading it, you will immediately throw out any potato that you’ve kept for too long.

In 2014, 8-year-old Maria Chelysheva from Russia was left an orphan, because a batch of old potatoes was rotting in the cellar. When her father went to get some potatoes, he didn’t return. Her mother went to check on him, but she didn’t return either. The same faith followed her brother and eventually, her grandmother.

Before going to check on the rest of the family, her grandmother called the neighbor, and she was the last victim.

Maria’s family died because of the glycoalkaloid found in potatoes, which makes them naturally toxic under certain circumstances. This chemical is poisonous not only if consumed, but if inhaled as well. When potatoes start rotting, the concentration of glycoalkaloids in potatoes increases, thus leading to the emission of toxic gas, which in this case, killed the family of Maria.

She could has been the last victim, because she also went to check on her family, but because the cellar door was open, the gas had started to vent out.

Source: www.goodmorningcenter.com

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