Effective Tips For Beauty

Women know exactly what to do for their skin, hair and body to look nice. We introduce you some effective tips from the editors of the most widely read female beauty sites.


Vitamin – E

Clean your make-up only with oil with vitamin-E. You can find it in every pharmacy with a very reasonable price. Nothing will do so well its job, and at the same time will give the humidity necessary for the face. Put a little oil on a swab and remove your makeup. Then wash your face with warm water.


Put a drop of perfume on your eyebrows. When you greet with kissing with someone you will leave a good impression. For the perfume to be more intense, try this trick: sprinkle a parfume on a swab and put it in your bra. The heat from the skin will give our lasting fragrance.


Less makeup

Use  your powder only for special occasions. Although there are great products in cosmetics market, the clean face can do miracles. The first few weeks it will be weird, but after a while your face will begin to shine without makeup.

Tomato soup

If you got home late last night, drank a little more alcohol or eat excessively salty foods, try the recipe for recovery: Cut two thin slices of tomato and massage your face. Then put them in a blender with lemon juice and a little sodium bicarbonate. This mixture spread it on your face, leave it for 20 minutes and wash with warm water. You will look like you had the most luxurious treatment.


Paper instead of towel

You can remove the excess of fat, nasty shine or the makeup on easiest and most natural way with toilet paper or paper handkerchiefs. It is useful after every washing of the face, to clean it on this way. Towels, especially if they are wet, are bearing of bacteria. When you are able, use any paper for your face.

Olive oil and honey

Mix olive oil and honey. Put the mixture on clean face. Cover your face with towel, which will have holes for the eyes, nose and mouth. With this mask,take a shower with hot water. Keep the mask as long as you can, the best is for 40 minutes. Carefully remove the towel, rinse with cold water and you will look at least five years younger.

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