Easy Exercises For Tight Hands And Flat Stomach

If you are trapped with obligations and you do not have enough time for recreation, then these exercises are ideal for you. You can do them every day at home, and you will need only 5 minutes.

Strengthen the muscles on the arms, legs and tighten your stomach. For each exercise you will need 30-60 seconds.


Exercise 1

Lie on the floor, let your feet be flat with the body and put your hands under the shoulders. Rely on fore-arms and legs, and stay in this position for about half a minute.2

Exercise 2

Breathe, relax your body and simultaneously lift your arms and legs, relying only on your stomach. This is an ideal exercise for strengthening the back muscles and stretching the spine.3

Exercise 3

Repeat the keeping of your elbows from the first exercise, only this time lift your left hand (in front or in side) and rely on your right hand. After 30 seconds, return to the initial position and replace the side.4

Exercise 4

The most difficult thing is the side plank, leave it for the end. Turn aside and rely on the forearm and lift the body. Stay in that position for about 30 seconds, put the other hand on the hip, and change the side.5

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