“Don’t Look For Those Who Aren’t Looking For You” – Powerful Quotes That Every Woman Should Remember

How many times have you been lied to? How many times they broke your heart? How many times have you given everything for someone, so that in the end you don’t get a shred of gratitude or respect?

You must not allow anyone to abuse your goodness. Don’t let anyone tell you what to do and how to do it.

Live your life according to your own rules, and whenever you have doubts or doubts about yourself, remember these powerful commandments:

  • “Never argue with an idiot – he will lower you to his level first, and then he will finish you off with experience” – George Carlin
  • “Never throw mud at anyone. It may not reach him, but it will stay in your hands. ”- Dorothy Parker
  • “Never doubt your attractiveness. Remember: Libra lies, people envy, and the mirror is distorted. “
  • “Do not look for those who do not look for you, and do not wait for those who do not wait for you.”
  • “If you’ve been told your train has left, don’t forget that there are planes and ships.”
  • “Remember: good things start to happen when you move away from negative people.”
  • “Instead of wiping away the tears from your face, erase from your life the people who made you cry. Do not allow the actions of others to ruin your inner peace. ”
  • “Never look back – everything is unchanged there.”
  • “Never compare yourself with others. “Don’t compare health, husband, children and salary.”
  • “If you don’t meet someone equal or better than you along the way, go on your way alone. “There is no friendship with fools.”