‘Don’t Let Me Cry Mama’ – This Short Poem Will Pull At Your Heartstrings

As A child our mother is our secure put. All over the net, you may discover people saying for you to let your child cry which he or she will be fair fine in case you don’t support him/her when disturbed but is that the case?

Your child is new in this world, he or she doesn’t know anything or anybody but you. You are the only person he or she has gotten close to because that little baby grew inside of you. Your baby is getting utilized to everything and in time won’t be as fastidious, I promise.

Don’t let the world come smashing down around your child, lift him or her up. I as of late came over a brief poem/story that made me realize that comforting your child isn’t as awful of a thing as it’s made out to be. You may discover that piece of work underneath. It’ll likely pull at your heartstrings and truly permit you to see things in a modern light.

‘Don’t let me cry mama’ by Nicki Marie Carr:

“Don’t let me cry mama.

Don’t listen to those comments mama. You’re not spoiling me. Your millions of kisses don’t hurt me mama. You picking me up and holding me close to your chest doesn’t hurt me.

Don’t let me cry mama. I trust you, I know your voice, I know your smell, I find so much comfort in your touch since I came out of your belly mama.

It was so warm and safe in there.
Things are so overwhelming out here mama. I don’t understand this new world yet, it’s big, it’s new, it’s scary mama. I need you. You’re my safe space.

I won’t always need you to pick me up mama, one day I’ll be big and I won’t be so scared. One day I won’t be so little, and I won’t need you to rock me to sleep, kiss my forehead, and hold me.

It won’t be like this for long. But right now mama, I need you.”

Don’t let me cry mama.

Don’t listen to those comments mama. You’re not spoiling me. Your millions of kisses don’t hurt…

Posted by Nicki Marie Carr on Saturday, November 2, 2019

 Time goes by so quick and some time recently you know it your child will be all developed up. Appreciate the little things whereas you still can. Sometime in the not so distant future they won’t let you hold them any longer. You can’t halt the world but you’ll be able take your time and truly make the foremost of each moment you have got along with your baby.

Source: awarenessact.com

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