Doctors Won’t Tell You This – Cheap Way to Get Rid of the Head Lice Almost Instantly!

Itchy scalp usually means one thing for a parent – head lice. This is one of the most common problem that parents face, and head lice can turn into a real nightmare as they can be quite difficult to eradicate.
They move and reproduce very fast and can be easily transferred. They feed on blood and are really nasty little creatures.

Although adults aren’t immune, children are those who are at most risk to contract them, usually at kindergarten or school. They may be not life threatening, but they sure are extremely annoying. If not treated on time, they can spread super fast and cause severe infections.

There are tons of anti-lice shampoos, but they are usually very expensive and don’t deliver the desired effects. You can also comb your hair with a special lice comb, but that won’t eradicate them 100% either.

Luckily, there are natural effective ways to solve the lice problem. Here is one of them:

You will need:

Lice comb

  • Mouthwash

White vinegar

  • Shower cup or plastic bags
  • Few towels

Start by washing the head with mouthwash and then wrap it with a plastic bag. Then, cover with a bathing cap and leave it on for an hour. Lice cannot stand the smell of spearmint.

After that, remove the bag and wash the hair with vinegar. This will eliminate the lice eggs. Cover the hair again with a bag/hat for one more hour. Then, remove the hat/bag and wash the hair with a normal shampoo. In the end, comb the hair with lice comb. For best effect, spray the hair with mouthwash before letting your child go to school.

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