Doctors Mysteriously Found Dead After Summit For Breakthrough Cure For Cancer (VIDEO)

The medical community is in shock due to the fact that over the last year, several holistic doctors were found dead by “committing suicide”. Strangely enough, the tragedies occurred right after it was announced that there is a breakthrough cancer treatment.

Namely, the newly developed treatment includes the human protein GcMAF (Globulin component Macrophage Activating Factor). This protein works by activating macrophages that are already present within the human body. These macrophages can fight against and destroy cancerous cells.

Even though GcMAF is naturally produced in our bodies, some people fail to create sufficient amount of it in order to protect their bodies from diseases and infections.

The main idea was to administer the protein to people in order to make the immune system strong enough to fight cancer on its own and to reduce the need for more intense, invasive procedures such as chemotherapy or radiation therapy. The reason why holistic doctors are against the conventional treatment is because it can often lead to more cancer and deteriorate the human body.

According to the GcMAF site:

Your GcMAF empowers your body to cure itself. In a healthy person your own GcMAF has 11 actions discovered so far, including two on cells, three excellent effects on the brain, and 6 on cancer. Amongst these it acts as a ‘director’ of your immune system.

Time lapse photography over 60 hours shows the cancer monolayer … first changing from corrugated to smooth … as the cancer is destroyed. [T]hen the cancer ‘fingers’ are also eaten and destroyed by the macrophages.

These are excellent news for everyone except the multi-billion dollar cancer industry.

GcMAF can put this multi-billion industry out of business, thus the reason why these people were found dead under suspicious circumstances.

For instance, Florida doctor Dr. Jeff Bradstreet, M.D., whose main focus was thorough researching on GcMAF, was found dead in a river last year. But, he didn’t drown as there was a gunshot wound to his chest. Nonetheless, his death was rulled out as suicide. This “suicide” – which was later discovered to be a murder – is just one of about seven mysterious deaths that happened in the same time period – all of them holistic doctors who were focused on the potential of GcMAF to treat and cure cancer.

But, we are not talking about only seven victims. No. There have been sixty deaths reported in the holistic community!

The video below shows how GcMAF eliminates cancer cells:


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