Doctors Gave Him 18 Months To Live, But He Totally Cured Cancer With This Recipe

David Hibbitt suffered from cancer of the small intestine, and estimates of the doctors, he had only 18 months to live. However, he now rejoices in the common life with his new wife, and the fact that he cured cancer fully.

This 33 years old men from Staffordshire insists that on full miraculously way cured cancer with cannabis oil, which costs £50 per gram to local dealers.

My friends told me for oil from cannabis and first I refused to try. I never wanted meds.

However, I felt like chemotherapy slowly killing me and how I have nothing to lose. I did not want to reconcile with the fact that I would die – said David.

After hard chemotherapy and radiotherapy, comes surgery of the small intestine in March 2013 and everything was unsuccessful. However, the only thing that helped was cannabis.

David, when he discovered that cured cancer, he married the girl that he was in a relationship about six years.

British Institute for the Prevention of Cancer stated that he was aware that patients use cannabis as medicine, but still there is no evidence for its efficacy and safety.