Doctors Are Shocked: Beverage Which Reduces Levels Of Bad Cholesterol In The Blood!

Except that reduces the level of bad fats in the body, this magical drink cleanses the body of toxins and improves circulation. Parsley in daily food preparation is added as minor additions due to improved taste, but is a great ally of your health. It contains two groups of special ingredients, very important for health – natural essential oils and flavonoids.

Furthermore, it is an excellent source of vitamins C, A and K, so it is recommended to increase the amount of parsley which you consume during the season of flu and colds. Also, leaf parsley has proved as remarkable tool in stimulating the secretion of harmful substances from our body and improve circulation.

But if on the magic parsley you add lemon, water and a little baking soda, you will receive a magic drink that lowers bad cholesterol in the blood.


  • 5 liters of water
  • 3 parsleys
  • 1 kg of lemons
  • baking soda


Good rub the lemon peel with baking soda as you would removed dirt from the peel. It is best to use an organic lemon. Boil water and let it to get cold. Chop lemon into pieces, finely chop the parsley and add into the cold water. Cover and let stand in the refrigerator for one day. Finally mix well in a blender and put in a glass jar or bottle.

Drink 100 ml daily and you will not believe how quickly you can reduce cholesterol levels.

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