Doctors Agreed! This Is A Product That Causes Cancer!

According to scientists, the following ingredient used in everyday life is in fact carcinogenic.

Everyone knows that processed sugar is the main reason for gaining weight, but little do we know that high-fructose corn syrup is particularly dangerous and can cause cancer.

We all love cookies, but after having one it seems like we just can’t get enough and we end up eating dozen more. The reason why is the glucose-fructose syrup.

It is widely used by manufacturers because it is way cheaper than regular sugar, but doctors warn that this ingredient causes cancer. The only way to avoid it is by reading the label on the product packaging.

This ingredient is spread in the U.S. the most as they have hundreds of products containing high fructose corn syrup. It is a mixture of glucose and fructose that is normally used in a lot of soft drinks, the bread they eat and a lot of other foods.

According to a research that has been recently published in the “Cancer Research” journal, various types of sugar are using metabolic pathways to feed cancer. In the research they sampled pancreatic cancer cells since these are among the most deadly and rapid-killing type of cancer. Or in other words, cancer cells thrive on glucose – sugar.


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