DIY: How to Clear Your Sinuses in Seconds Using Nothing but Your Fingers

Inflamed sinuses can cause a lot of troubles. They are painful, annoying and block the nose.

People who are prone to this condition know how disturbing it is for them even if they catch a common cold. And when the troubles start, our first thought is to take meds.

But, meds shouldn’t always be our first and only option, when there are natural ways of dealing with certain health conditions. For instance, did you know that your fingers can help you deal with stuffed sinuses?

The secret lies in the finger stimulation onto a certain spot.

Here are some tricks you can try at home:

Trick #1: Use Your Tongue & Press Between Eyebrows

According to the Reddit user gymfork, acupressure can be truly effective for unclogging the nose and dealing with other sinus-related problems.

The pressure should be applied in the oral cavity by pushing the tongue flat against the roof of the mouth, and then pushing a finger against the skin between your eyebrows at the same time.

The pressure should last about 20 sec. If you feel the mucus moving through the throat after releasing the pressure, the trick worked.

You can also press your tongue against the roof of your mouth while pressing between your eyebrows simultaneously.

The in-between eyebrow spot is called Yintang acupoint, and Dr. Joseph M. Helms, president of Helms Medical Institute and author of Acupuncture Energetics: A Clinical Approach for Physicians explains this best.

Trick #2: Apply Pressure Across Your Eyebrows

The second trick works best for upper sinuses and for stuffy nose.

According to Amber Lynn Vitale, a massage therapist, simply moving fingers across eyebrows can get you the desired relief.

Start off by resting your head on the elbows and place your fingers on each eyebrow beginning, where they do not meet. Lean forward and when the pressure shifts, slide fingers to the middle of each eyebrow.

Once you feel a relief, release the fingers and slide them to the ends of each eyebrow. As she explains, here you should hold firm pressure or move fingertips in circles. This encourages the fluid to move away from the nose and sinuses.

Trick #3: Take a Second for a Mini-Massage

According to another massage therapist, Heather Wibbels, another option is to use a few quick rubs, and you will get rid of mucus inside the nose and sinuses.

This could be unpleasant for some, but it wouldn’t hurt to try. Cross hands to form a V shape and by using same rubbing motion on both sides of your neck. This will release the lymph fluid. Both techniques vacuum the fluid stuck in your sinuses and move it away from the head.

Next time you have sinus problems, remember that by simply hitting the right spots with both your fingers and thumbs, you will get rid of troubling fluid and clear the nose and sinuses effectively, without the need of pills.

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