Diet Pumpkin: 2-3 kg Less For 3 Days

Pumpkin is one of the most required autumnal food, and diet with pumpkin is perfect for this time of year. The diet is recommended for maximum one week, and you can lose 5 kg.

Even better is if this diet lasts for three consecutive days, then a break of a week and again two -three times repeat. The results are amazing, and it makes the most popular fast autumn diet.

The only fault is that it is monotonous. The rule is – allowed to eat pumpkin throughout the day in all shapes and daily menu which allows 2 kg pumpkin is only 700 calories.

Roasted pumpkin is recommended for breakfast and dinner, preferably spiced with cinnamon (which speeds up the metabolism), and for lunch you can make a delicious dish potted pumpkin or mashed pumpkin, which can be salted and combine it with 300 grams of fresh vegetables.

The meals are not strictly specific and can eat pumpkin several times during the day, in a way that suits you best. For three days it is possible to lose two to three kilograms.

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