Diet and Fitness of Adriana Lima

The angel of Victoria’s Secret, Adriana Lima, may have the most wanted body in the world. What is her secret?

Adriana is a devotee of the diet portion control, exercise and loves to practice Capoeira.


Beautiful line of Adriana Lima has not maintained by a strict diet. It is a supporter of diet control portions, i.e. eat everything she wants in small quantities. Adriana is not a person who gives up her favorite foods (meat, cookies and chocolate), but limits their consumption.

Her morning breakfast is abundantly as it passes the day her meals are reduced. According to her, the best sleep if you do not eat heavy meals before bedtime.


A typical day of Adriana

Breakfast: egg whites, oat porridge with raisins or muesli with yoghurt and honey, coffee and milk.

Lunch: one serving of meat (fish, chicken or red meat) with vegetables.

Snacks: raw vegetables like cucumber or carrot. Lima is a fan of chocolate, so do not miss to satiate their hunger for sweet with a few cubes of chocolate or a teaspoon of honey.

Dinner: a small portion of salad.


Adriana Lima whenever talk about healthy diets or feeding provides two useful tips:

  1. Drink plenty of water.
  2. Try to have a healthy and restful sleep.


Adriana Lima exercise to be always in top form. Her favorite activity is the Brazilian military skill Capoeira, which is a combination of music, dancing, aerobics and special choreography imitating struggle. Also loves jumping rope and doing cardio exercises. You may be surprised, but one of its activities is the pits.

Because often travels whenever she has no time for exercise, Adriana running on a track about 30 minutes, so as not to lose its top form.

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