Diet “5 Factors”

One of the most popular diets in Hollywood is diet “5 Factors”. It was created by personal trainer Harley Pasternak and practiced by many famous stars such as Eva Mendes, Alicia Keys, Kanye West, Jessica Simpson, Halle Berry and Lady Gaga.

Pasternak decided that 5 is the magic number and based on this number he built this diet. Diet “5 Factors” lasts 5 weeks, includes 5 meals a day prepared for 5 minutes and contain 5 key ingredients, recommended exercises 5 times a week and allow 5 days of cheating that you can eat anything you want.

If it sounds interesting, read on to find out more details.


“The diet should not be hard, expensive, nor last long” – argued Pasternak. Here are his five principles:

  1. Duration – 5 weeks. Strict diets really give quick results, but those results are short-lived. Pasternak consciously chose his diet last 5 weeks to avoid unwanted yo-yo effect. Many people continue to practice the diet and after five weeks period turn into a way of life.
  2. 5 meals a day. The daily menu includes 3 meals and 2 snacks. It is recommended to eat every 3 hours. So you feel less hunger and metabolism running fast. Example: eat at 8, 11, 14, 17 and 20 hour.
  3. Meal should be ready for 5 minutes and contain 5 products. Because eat 5 times a day, meals should be prepared quickly and easily to everyone to apply diet.

Meals should include five components:

  • Healthy proteins (chicken breast, egg whites, fish, shellfish).
  • Healthy carbohydrates (beans, lentils, brown rice, fruits).
  • Fiber (oats, whole-grain bread, barley, fruits and vegetables, but no potatoes).
  • Healthy fats (olive oil).
  • Drinks without sugar.
  1. 5 days of rest. During the five weeks have 5 days to rest from the diet. In these days you can eat your favorite foods. Select Sunday to be a day of rest and then eat piece of cake, eat your favorite pizza or visit your favorite restaurant. Strict prohibitions shall not bear results.
  2. 25-minute training sessions five times a week. For diet can have positive results, you must practice and physical activity.


Harley Pasternak advised to exercise 5 times a week for 25 minutes. His fitness plan to be even simpler, he divides it into five phases, each lasting 5 minutes.

  • Phase I: cardio warm-up exercises. Start to the heart beat faster by walking, climbing stairs, marching in place and so on.
  • Phase II: exercises to strengthen the upper body. You need small weights that you can do exercises for arms.
  • Phase III: exercises to strengthen the lower body. At this stage practice exercises for legs. Best exercise – squats.
  • Phase IV: exercises for abdominal muscles.
  • V phase: cardiovascular exercises melting fat. Finish the workout with intense cardio exercises like running, cycling and so on.

WHY THE “5 FACTORS” DIET is so popular?

  • Do not feel hunger. If you eat often, 5 times a day will rarely be hungry.
  • They consume simple dishes. You need only 5 ingredients and preparation should not you consuming more than 5 minutes.
  • Recommended short fitness sessions. 25 minutes is not much time and anyone can afford to spend on exercise.
  • It includes “Days of cheating.” Many people fail to adhere to the diet because they cannot completely give up your favorite dishes. People on this diet say that having a day when they can eat everything they want motivate them.


This diet is not strict diet to lose weight quickly. Within 5 weeks you can expect weight loss up to 5-7 kg.

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