Dentists Uncovered: What Indicating Your Teeth

  1. Bad breath leads to health problems

Dentists can identify different breaths and their meaning. “Fruit” breath may be indicative of uncontrolled diabetes or a strict diet, while the “Fish” breath is the sign that leads to kidney failure and liver. If your breath is really bad and it never stops, it leads to problems in the gastrointestinal tract.

  1. Biting nails

Once your glanced worn teeth will know that you have a bad habit to bite nails. Bite leads to displacement of the bite and its curvature. Interestingly, this damage does not actually guilty nails, but touch the upper and lower teeth to which comes when you bite.

  1. Vitamins you are missing

The lack of vitamins and minerals can cause many problems such as oral syndrome burning mouth infections, bleeding gums. Lack of iron in the blood is the challenger in the mouth, and for many people notice changes in the language.

  1. Drink a lot of alcohol, sodas and energy drinks

Alcohol dries the mouth and thus causes an increase in cavities. Saliva usually neutralizes acids that seep into the mouth and damaging but less saliva is produced under great consumption of alcohol. Sure, you will betrayed from your breath. Sodas and energy drinks weaken the teeth, making them “softer” and therefore easier to break. Energy drinks have more acid in itself than ordinary soft drinks and therefore more harmful to teeth and tooth enamel.

  1. You have a sinus infection

Often they are going to see a dentist because you think it hurts the tooth, and eventually turns out to be no problem with the teeth but sinuses. Toothache and inflammation or infection of the sinuses have similar symptoms similar to create a sensation of pain and pressure.

There is a simple test that you can check what the problem is when you feel pain in the teeth. Become straight, then bend their arms and tap toes. If the feeling of pain and pressure increase, then you haven’t a problem with your teeth, but the sinuses, so it is better to see a doctor.

  1. Have sucking the thumb as a child

Most children stop sucking the thumb at an early age and children because that habit does not leave any consequences. However, those who sucking the thumb to the start of school, generally have problems in that bite readily apparent as protruding front teeth.

  1. Do not use dental floss

Many people have the habit of cleaning your teeth with floss just before going to the dentist. However, you can not fool your dentist and you claim that you do every day because he followed the condition of your gums will see that it is not true. Namely, will issue exactly gum meat will bleed and will look damaged.

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