Confession Of A Doctor Who Drank Cannabis Oil: “I Had Cancer, Cannabis Oil Brought My Life Back”

Six months ago, a fifty real old doctor from Serbia was diagnosed with stage two lung cancer with metastasis on the lymph nodes. Even though he was a big opponent to all meds, since classical medicine is his calling, he changed his views on cannabis after he was diagnosed with the disease and now clams to be cured thanks to the cannabis oil.

“Colleagues immediately did everything to help me. Diagnosis and biopsy were done within seven days. After the initial shock, I decided to go into battle against a very awkward opponent”.

First, he started a classical treatment by undergoing chemotherapy and had over five cycles. “All possible alternatives were included. I used a variety of preparations, drops, syrup monastery … I have heard of the cannabis oil, but because its usage is prohibited by the law and is punishable, it was difficult to procure and to convince the seller that I am not a provocateur, “says  the doctor.

At the beginning with the cannabis oil treatment, he didn’t really believe it would work. He said the oil caused dry mouth and occasional “head floating”.

But, after some time everything changed. “After only three months of cannabis oil usage the cancer is reduced, and the last finding of scanner is good. My radiologist is delighted. I told my oncologist that I use cannabis oil, and  he only shrugged and told me to use everything that I think can help me”, says P.B.

Even though there are a lot of controversies concerning marijuana, Dr. Cat Arni, famous physician who deals with the examination of the tumor, says that there are solid proofs of its effectiveness.


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