Complete Training For Melting Fat – Without Equipment!

This optional training for fast metabolism you can do anywhere without any excuses.

Time required: 18 minutes

Equipment: Unnecessary

Objective: Training the whole body

How it is implemented:

Perform 50 repetitions of each exercise in any order, the sooner you can without rest.

You do not have to perform 50 repetitions all at once. You can perform 20 push-ups, so you go short sit-ups, and again to return to push-ups and so on.

When you finish a round of exercises, rest for 1-2 minutes and repeat the procedure.


  1. Push-ups – go down on all fours and place your hands slightly wider than the line of the shoulders. Lower your body until your chest touch the flour, then go back quickly.
  2. Walking while relying – Take position for push-ups, and then lift your right foot and draw the knee as you go closer to the chest, touching the flour with fingers. Repeat this with the other leg.
  3. Short abs – Lie on your back, bend knees and place your feet on the floor. Place your hands behind the ears, then lift the head and shoulders while you bend your chest. Return to original position and repeat the procedure quickly.
  4. Skipping – Stop, tap your feet and stretch your arms to the side. Then, simultaneously swing their arms overhead and jump for a minute how to spread the legs. Without break return to original position and repeat the exercise.
  5. Squats – Extend your arms in front of you and look up. Place your feet on shoulder width. Salient your hips back and lower your body until your thighs are parallel you grip. Straighten and repeat the exercise until you feel a mild muscle pain.

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