Cocktail That Will Help You To Stop SMOKING!

Smoking is really bad habit. Besides looks ugly, it affects negative on the appearance, quickly create wrinkles, the skin is not beautiful and it is supple, and generally it has negative effect on our health.

You are aware that smoking is bad for you and that it is a habit that will sooner or later have to eject from the everyday. Here is the trick that helped many people forever stop smoking and does not cost anything to try.


Take one tablespoon of baking soda and pour into a glass of water. Stir so that baking soda will completely melt. This cocktail drinks it twice a day, in the first two weeks, and if you do not stop smoking, next time drink it once a day.

Also, you can wash your mouth with this mix of baking soda and water whenever you feel you need to smoke. This mixture you can carry it in a bottle and use it whenever you feel the need for a cigarette.

Another radical means is to wet the cigarette in this mix. Very quickly you will lose the need for cigarette, advice experts in alternative medicine.


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