Chemical Found in Colgate Toothpaste Linked to Cancer

Today, Colgate is the most popular and widely used toothpaste.

But, you probably didn’t know that this toothpaste contains a cancer-causing substance called Triclosan. This substance is also part of detergents, deodorants, hand sanitizers and antiseptics.

In the Research in Toxicology magazine was published a study where it was explained how this substance can cause cancer when used in big amounts.

Triclosan enters the body by penetrating through our skin and entering in the blood causing a hormone imbalance. Even though there are many proofs and researches against Triclosan, Colgate still assure that their products are safe. So far, only Canada has banned Triclosan.

Still, the government doesn’t talk openly about the dangers and side effects of this harmful ingredient, and will probably decide to ban it when serious problems occur, like in the cases with asbestos, PCB and DT, which means that we’re on our own when deciding on how we’ll keep ourselves healthy.


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