Check Whether You Belong To The Group Of People Who Should Avoid Garlic

Although it has healing qualities, this ingredient is not good for everybody. We reveal six groups of people who should avoid garlic:

Garlic is one of the most versatile and most useful herbs that we include in our diet, additionally it gives an excellent taste to the dishes. Over the years, garlic has been used as medicine for prevention or treatment of a wide range of diseases and health conditions.

However, there are six groups of people who should avoid its consumption:

  1. Patients to undergo surgery – at least two weeks before surgery, since it can prolong the bleeding.
  2. People with low blood pressure – because significantly lowers the pressure.
  3. People who have liver problems – can cause nausea and aggravate the condition.
  4. People suffering from eye diseases – especially those who in addition have poor health.
  5. People suffering from diarrhea – stimulates the bowels and can lead to chronic inflammation.
  6. People with anemia – some of its components reduce the red blood cells and hemoglobin in the blood, which means that excessive use of garlic may further aggravate the condition.

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