Cheap And Useful: Unusual Usage Of Baby Powder

If your budget for buying cosmetics is limited and you would like to have a multi-product, then you definitely have to give a chance to the baby powder. It is practical because you can use in many ways. It will help you when you do not have enough time to wash your hair, for your lipstick to last longer. But that’s not all…

Cheap and useful: Unusual uses of baby powder.



  1. It increases the volume of your lashes

Apply a small layer of baby powder on your eyelashes between two layers of mascara. The powder will give volume and length to your lashes. In addition, if your mascara is not thick enough, the powder will prevent it from being mashed.

  1. Dry washing hair

For this trick probably you have already heard. On the tips of your fingers, apply a little baby powder, and then apply it to the root. Finally brush your hair. Baby powder will absorb the grease of your hair and will increase the volume.

  1. It removes the shine from the skin

Baby powder has a better effect than many powders that have a matte finish. You do not have to use a large amount of powder, but is enough a small layer to absorb unnecessary glow of the face. It absorbs the sweat from your face and mitigate glare, especially for the people with dark skin.

  1. Lipstick will last longer

When you expected a long night, or when the makeup should last longer, between two layers of lipstick apply baby powder. After the first layer, with paper handkerchief remove excess lipstick, then with a brush, apply baby powder. Then re-apply lipstick and you’re ready.



  1. To remove sand from skin

The trick with baby powder you can practice on the beach. If you apply a thin layer of baby powder, the sand will not stick to your skin and you will remove it with light-touch.

  1. Removes unpleasant odors from shoes

You do not have enough time to take a shower after returning from the gym and want to want to wear clean shoes on sweaty feet? Put a little baby powder on them and it will absorb sweat and odors.


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