Celebrating the Historic 74th Anniversary for Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter – the Longest Married Presidential Couple

The Carters just celebrated their 74th wedding anniversary and made history by becoming the longest married presidential couple. Former president Carter at age 95 and his lovely wife, Rosalynn at age 92, have proven to the world that a marriage can last a lifetime as long as their respect and love for each other is pure and sincere.

The Carters beat the record last October as previously the longest married couple were George H.W. Bush and Barbara Bush (73 years and 111 days until Barbara passed away in mid-2018)

The Carters were married on 7th of July 1946 in Plains, Georgia in a Methodist church. The former president had just graduated from the Naval Academy and was just 21, while Rosalynn was 18 years old. 74 years later the couple still enjoys a blissful married life and their love story is just as heart-warming now as it was nearly a century ago.

Jimmy Carter’s sister, Ruth, was Rosalynn’s best friend and they knew each other since she was born. They were actually next door neighbors and Rosalynn admitted that she actually fell in love with Jimmy from a photo on Ruth’s wall. Jimmy on the other hand, admitted that they’ve always felt compatible.

Carter lovingly remembers their first kiss, in a Ford pickup, on the rumble seat, with Ruth and her boyfriend in the front. The next morning, he simply knew that this is the woman he wanted to be with for the rest of his life. For some people it’s just that simple, you know and that’s it. Carter admits that he never had any doubts about her so that very same Christmas he expressed his love for her and proposed.

By the time they celebrated their first anniversary, Rosalynn gave birth to their first son, Jack. After Jack there were Chip and Jeff and 14 years later along came their first and only daughter Amy. Rosalynn says that Jimmy has always been her biggest support and that if it wasn’t for him she wouldn’t have dared to do many of the things she did in life.

Jimmy always believed in her and thought she could do just about anything. Thanks to his love and support she did, she campaigned across the countries and did things she never thought possible.

5 years ago, back in 2015, Jimmy was diagnosed with cancer and the couple experienced some frightful time. Fortunately, after surgery and innovative immuno-therapeutic treatments, the former president was able to defeat cancer and bounce back on his feet. Again, Jimmy admits that without his lifelong spouse, he couldn’t have defeated the disease.

When asked about the secret of his and his partner’s long life he just says that according to him the key to longevity is marrying the right person. This is the person you’ll have to spend your entire life with, the person who will take care of you and keep you alive and kicking.

The couple enjoys each other’s company and savors every day as it comes. They’re a true example for a loving marriage and proof that even in times of divorces and short relationships, one can find love that lasts. We wish you happy anniversary and we hope to see you celebrate many more together!

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