Car Air Conditioning Causes Cancer?

When we enter our car and turn on the engine, often without thinking we turn on the air conditioning (A/C) as well and drive towards our responsibilities. This routine is a dangerous health risk.

The main problem arises due to the fact that when we leave our car outside, the windows are always closed. However, even if we leave the car in the shade, in just one day it can accumulate 400-800 mg benzene, a toxin that causes cancer.

If you park your car in the sun at a temperature above 16 degrees, the level of benzene reaches 2000-4000 mg, which is 40 times the acceptable level.

As soon as people get into a car in which the windows have been closed, they begin to inhale benzene without knowing that this toxin affects the kidneys, bone tissue and the liver. Moreover, the process of elimination of benzene from the body is very poor and slow.

The car manual states that before turning on the A/C, the windows should be kept open for several minutes, but the reason why is not clarified, although there is a hint that this should be done in order to improve the car performance.

Medical explanation

Results of a study show that before the air starts to cool, the A/C blows the heated air out, and along with it – the benzene, a toxin that causes cancer.

Therefore, when you enter the car, even if you do not feel the smell of heated plastic, open the windows for a few minutes, and then turn on the A/C. Do not close the windows a few more minutes, while the car is running.

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