Cannabis For Kids: How CBD Oil Brought Lily Back To Life

Lily was only 6 months old when she was diagnosed with epilepsy. She would have up to 200-300 seizures a day, and her parents felt helpless. “It was like a beast we couldn’t control,” her mom remembers. “It’s a very heavy weight to bear, you feel constant pain for them.” Eventually, they came across a Google search result where it was suggested that marijuana is a viable treatment. “It never crossed my mind until we felt like we didn’t have other options,” Lily’s mom says.Fortunately, living in Colorado made it easier to get CBD oil.

The positive effects began to show immediately. Lily was sleeping better, was more awake, she was interacting with people more, and her seizures dropped dramatically. “She was just alive,” Lily’s mom says. She even started speaking a little for the first time, and has learned sign language. “It’s almost like meeting her for the first time,” her mom says of the change. “We feel blessed to have brought this plant into our lives.”

“God put it on the planet for people to take advantage of and nobody has the right to own anything that is naturally occurring through the use of a patent,” says Jason Cranford, founder of the Flowering Hope Foundation, who has been making CBD oil and treating seizure patients for the past five years. “I wish every epileptic child whose family choose to try it would have that option,” says Lily’s mom.

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