Cancer Survivor Shared The Recipe That Saved Her Life!

A woman from Bosnia, who wishes to stay anonymous, wants to share her story on how she defeated a very serious and life threatening disease since many people suffer from it and fight to defeat it.

This woman was diagnosed with endocrine cancer and her healthy condition was in an alarming state. She spent 3 weeks in hospital plugged in on medical appliances. But, she managed to heal herself thanks to a cure that consists of only two ingredients. She defeated the disease without undergoing to chemotherapy. Here’s the recipe of the life saving cure:

Take two large ginger roots and half a kilogram of honey. Peel the ginger roots and ground them finely, the add all of the honey. Put the mixture in a jar and consume 4 teaspoons per day, but never use a metal spoon, instead, use ceramic or a plastic one.

The results can be visible in only three days!


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