Cancer Packed In A Can! This Is One Of The Most Unhealthy Products On The Market!

Bad news Pringles lovers! According to health experts, your favorite snack can put your health at risk.

Even though it is well known that packed chips isn’t really made of potatoes, but rather of potato flakes, corn, and wheat, the whole process of preparing the snack is packing it with toxins.

In the initial phase, the ingredients are mixed in a form of dough and then pressed onto molds. Then, they are put in boiling oil until they are blown dry. In the end, producers spray them with powdered flavors and pack them into cans.

The harmful ingredient is actually a by-product called Acrylamide. It is an extremely dangerous carcinogen, which is known to lead to cancer in the case of animals.

If it is consumed in certain doses, it can damage the system in both, animals and humans. The outraging thing Is that this poison is contained in chips in higher dose than allowed.

This by-product is created during the preparation of foods at high temperatures. Whether you are roasting or baking your food, the process is conducted on such a heat to make the surface of the food yellow/brown, this by-product is created. So basically,  any food cooked at a temperature higher than 100˚C can include this toxin.

This is the reason why California sued potato chips producers back in 2005 for not even warning their costumers about the health risks of this product and the ingredients it contains.


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