Cancer Can Be Treated Naturally, But Here Are 7 Reasons Why Natural Cancer Remedies Sometimes Fail

In most cases mainstream medicine hides the fact that the health of many cancer patients is worsen due to chemo poisoning and radiation damage. Most of them die because their body is weakened from the heavy medications and not from the cancer itself, like the doctors claim.

Patients who choose alternative cancer treatments have better chances of surviving the disease, but there are cases where survival rate drops from 80% to 50% or lower and there are several reasons that allow this to happen.

First of all, the success rate of natural treatments is corrupted when the patient decides to undergo conventional treatment first (that damages the body) and when that treatment fails, they turn to alternative cures.

Secondly, even when you choose natural treatments you must change the unhealthy diet. Avoid processed foods and drinks by any means, and try to avoid red meat.

Cancer Tutor suggests three protocols including diet. If you stick to only one protocol, you’re making a mistake.

Consume apricot seed kernels. They are a natural source of laetrile and this is suggested by the Buwing Diet guide.

Some of Dr. Max Gerson’s patients didn’t show any results to his treatment. He eventually found out the reason behind this are the sugar packed pastries that his assistant had been giving to the patients. Sugar feeds cancer cells, thus it corrupted the treatment.

Some patients who consume Essiac tea aren’t familiar with certain dietary changes that they must do and consume more Essiac tea than it is advised. So, not following the protocol is another reason for the treatment to fail.

Detoxification is very important during cancer treatments. Gerson’s therapy recommends using coffee enemas to detox liver, which is what Dr Nicholas Gonzalez does, and he uses a refined version of Dr. William Kelley’s successful 1970s protocol.

One of the biggest mistakes that some patients who use cannabis oil do is not quitting unhealthy food. When there are no results, they panic and do an even bigger mistake –   they turn to chemo and radiation in addition to using the oil.

The alternative cancer clinics in Mexico tend to have very friendly and relaxed conditions. This is due to the fact that stress, emotional shock and losses trigger the acidosis that makes perfect conditions for cancer.


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