Canadian Actor, Tommy Chong, Talk About His Secret: “I’m Cancer-Free” Thanks To Hemp Oil And The Right Diet

Cancer is one of the most feared diseases and when diagnosed, many people regard it as a terminal disease or better said as a “death sentence”.

But not Tommy Chong. This Canadian actor most famous for his role as Chong in “Cheech and Chong” movies wasn’t very disturbed when he got the news that he suffers from stage one prostate cancer, because he saw the cure in cannabis. The disease was also a “wake-up” call for him to change his diet and start leading healthier life.

In May 2013, Canadian actor has been announced that is cancer-free thanks to hemp oil and a disciplined diet under the guidance of a naturopath.

During the time he received the news, he was told that his best shot was a treatment in Mexico that cost 25.000 dollars, but he refused to believe that it is his best option and turned to seek for alternatives.

He met with Dr. Mckinnon in Victoria, British Columbia who gave him a new diet and a supplement routine that brought his prostate-specific agents tests numbers down to a point where the cancer no longer posed as a threat.

Chong also attended a session with the world-renowned energy healer, Adam Dreamhealer. During his sessions, Adam would practice group healing, visualization exercises and other methods that put the body into a prime mental state for healing.

Many people do not seek for alternatives which can negatively result in their healing. Plus, it is very wrong that the emotional state of the patients is left out. Patients are understandably stressed, practice poor diets rich in sugar and it all leads to failed attempt at treating this disease.

“So the magic plant does cure cancer with the right diet and supplements” writes Chong on his twitter account. He and many other people who’ve beaten the disease naturally should pose as an example to others about how important role the Nature has in fighting deadly diseases.


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