Breaking News: “I had 4th STAGE prostate cancer, Here’s how I defeat it!”

Many cancer survivors clam to have cured themselves using natural alternative methods. Such is the case with Vernon Johnson, a colon cancer survivor.

Vernon was told that he won’t live long since the cancer had reached stage 4 and had spread to the bone marrow. When he told his brother Larry about his condition, Larry advised him to increase the pH levels in his body because cancer cannot develop in alkaline environment.

Vernon had decided to take his brother’s advice and bought cesium chlorine. But, during the transport the package was lost, and not having much time he had to find an alternative to increase his pH level. That’s when he found out about the remedy containing baking soda and maple syrup. As he did not have maple syrup in the kitchen, he used the molasses. Baking soda has no negative effect, it can only help in the fight against cancer. Maple syrup allows baking soda to enter into the cancer cells to attack them with alkalinity and destroy them by oxidizing. Molasses also helped, even gave him a better mineral basis as nutritional support. However, most alternative cancer treatments involve complete abstention from sugar, since it feeds cancer cells.

To prepare this remedy put two teaspoons of baking soda (for oral consumption) in a cup and add a bit of molasses or maple syrup. Then, pour a little water. Repeat this in another pot on the stove to get little warm, and then mix all. This drink should be consumed several times a day.

After a few weeks of conducting this treatment, the medical examination confirmed that has entirely cured the prostate cancer and bone marrow.

Here is a video for how to prepare this remedy:

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