Bodybuilding Food Sources – The Secret of Nutrition

Bodybuilding Food Sources:

The basic sources of protein should be:

  • lean meat( chicken breast, turkey breast, lean beef, some pork but only the parts that are made of lean meat)
  • egg whites( the yolk should be avoided because of its high density of fat and cholesterol content)
  • Lean dairy products (cottage cheese, etc…)

The basic sources of carbs should be:

  • Rice
  • Cereals
  • Pasta (Whole wheat)
  • Vegetables (broccoli, green peas, beans, corn, potato, tomato, etc…)
  • “Good” fats (olive oil, oil-seeds, linseed oil)- try to use these with caution. Do not over-eat them.

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Basic sources of fat:

  • Snack on peanuts instead of chips or candy. About a ½ cup is a good amount.
  • Use olive oil in salad dressings and when cooking
  • When baking, instead of topping with chocolate or candies, consider using nuts and seeds instead
  • Try making sandwiches with avocado and tuna instead of higher fat lunchmeats
  • Eat fish at least three times a week to increase your Omega 3 intake

It is important to portion your daily food intake to 6 to 8 meals. Why? First of all because smaller portions are easier to consume. Second of all, smaller portions can be digested a lot easier, thus improving your overall metabolism. Third of all, 6 meals a day create a sort of anabolic environment in which your blood sugar level has less chance to fluctuate. This single change can go a long way in your initial development.

How do I know how much is enough?

Unfortunately, the best way to make sure is if you write it down. You have to take a calorie chart, buy a kitchen scale, and start jotting down the portions. Is it something you think troublesome? Do not worry. After a period of 1 to 2 weeks, you will have developed a natural habit of understanding what enough is and what is too much for one meal. You will know exactly how much calories, proteins and carbs and fat you take in with each portion without measuring it all the time. If you do not start measuring and portioning your food every day, you will never know what causes setbacks in your development. Without this practice, you will have virtually no idea or chance to calculate the amount of supplements you need to balance your calorie intake for the day. There is only one ground rule: every person is different from the one next to him. We are all unique no matter what others say. We can show samples as to how to go about your transformation, but everyone must experience the limits and possibilities that bodybuilding frequently poses. You may have a different taste, preference or budget that can influence the plan you are capable of compiling for yourself. There is, however, one universal rule that applies to everyone: track your progress! Find that food quantity that you can maintain your weight with.

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Once you have done that can you start taking the first step towards a bulking meal plan: You have to increase your calorie intake by 500 calories per week, and you have to keep a close eye on what is happening to your body during that time? If your weight is on the increase, then you are doing it alright. If not, then you have to increase the amount of calories by another 500 per week to reach your goal. This experimental stage will help you find the best possible and workable bulking meal plan just for you. As for losing weight, the same process applies to this stage as well. The only difference is that you have to decrease your calorie intake instead of increasing it. If you know what the amount of food is with which you can keep your current weight, then all you have to do is take 500 less calories per week (500 calories should be taken from carbs rather than proteins). Unfortunately, we cannot tell you how much food to eat, because it is something you have to experience for yourself. It all depends on your digestion, the quality of food you eat, your metabolism and your daily activities/occupation (a manual worker might have to take more than a person with a desk job) and, of course, your workout plans. As you can see, the world of bodybuilders are not so black and white, for there are numerous factors to consider. If you know yourself, then you know your limits and possibilities as well. This has never been truer than now. The road to the “bodybuilding profession” is a road to self-recognition and self-esteem that no other sport can give you. I strongly recommend you to heed my warnings and pay attention to yourself first, then focus on what others can see from the outside.

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