Bananas Improve Mood And Destroy Tumor Cells

Regardless of age or any other criteria, bananas are miraculous fruit which everyone likes.The popularity of bananas is not just because their taste, but for the entire string of health benefits that they allow to the organism.

One banana is rich in potassium, manganese, vitamin B6 and C and fiber. You can use it as a substitute for unhealthy butter because it does not contain cholesterol and fat.

It is proven that it is wiser to eat a banana instead of any kind of energy drink. Banana can influence the share of dopamine from energy drinks, but retains a high level and one hour after consumption. Dopamine is neurotransmitter which directly effects on our mood.

Bananas which have spots on the peel, produce TNF- factor that destroys tumor cells according to a Japanese study published in 2013. So, anticancer values ​​of banana are stronger if the the peel is darker and covered with dark spots.

Banana can be a great ally in resolving hangover after a stormy night and one more cup. Doctors recommend to eat a banana before bed and another after waking. In this way you reduce hangover.

Daily consumption of a banana for better health and immunity is recommended by doctors and nutritionists, and it certainly will come good in the fight against colds.

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