Attention! A Widely Used Deodorant Causes Nasty Side-Effects!

A great percent of the male population claims that the famous deodorant Old Spice: Pure Sport High Endurance damages the armpit skin.

Namely, as seen on the photos shared throughout the social media, the product leaves painful burns and rashes.

Here’s the story of the 23 year old student from Alexandria, Virginia, Rodney Coley who woke up with something that looked like a pollen rash.

“After the shower I felt as if my arm is about to burst into flames. I looked in the mirror and saw that my skin is swollen”. He claims that the injury was caused by the Old Spice: Pure Sport High Endurance deodorant that he started using just before the incident.

Michael Smith also uploaded a video on YouTube where he describes what he felt right after using this product. He calls out to anyone who had the same or similar experience to file a lawsuit against the manufacturer.

Even though Rodney claims that the number of people affected by this deodorant is as big as a mini-army, the manufacturer, Procter and Gamble contradicts the claims stating that the product is absolutely safe.

Nonetheless, it’s been announced on the official site that the case will be investigated.

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