Amazing Vitamin That Stops Cancer Growth

Vitamin D is very helpful in preventing many life-threatening diseases like diabetes, heart diseases and cancer. Unfortunately many people lack this vitamin and do not take enough amount of it.

Medical experts claim that around 1.7 million new people are expected to be diagnosed with cancer in the U.S. Modern medicine constantly fights to find effective cancer treatments and according to newest researches it is believed that the use of this vitamin will help in the fight against this deadly disease.

Statistics show shocking numbers where it’s demonstrated that 70% of the children in the U.S. do not take sufficient amounts of vitamin D, and around 75% of the adults do not consume enough of it regularly.

The deficiency of vitamin D is manifested through chronic pain, excessive sweating – (which is not caused by a physical activity or high temperature) severe asthma, particularly in young children, cognitive impairment, especially in older adults, bone pain, depression – (According to many studies, vitamin D may prevent anxiety and help in the case of depression ) and, muscle weakness.

In a 2008 Norwegian research conducted on 441 overweight participants showed that individuals who consumed 20,000 and 40.000 IUS vitamin D a week significantly reduced the depression symptoms, which was not the case with those who did not take vitamin D.

In another study from 2007, it was demonstrated that women who in menopause consumed a certain amount of vitamin D, significantly reduced their risk of all kinds of cancers in just 4 years.

Vitamin D maintains bone health and to promotes calcium absorption. It also enhances the function of the cardiovascular system, boosts the immune system, as well as other important functions for our health.

The daily recommended intake of this vitamin as advised by medical experts is: for people aged 1 to 70 years, it is 600 IU, and in the case of infants from 0-12 months, the recommended daily intake is 1.000 IU.

It is also recommended to consume this vitamin through dietary sources, including orange juice, tuna, milk, oily fish, yogurt, mushrooms. Also, you should also spend more time in the sun.


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