Amazing Plant Has Proven To Treat 75% Of All Cancer Types Within 25 Days

Blushwood is a type of tree found in the rain forests north of Queensland, Australia. Its berries were scientifically studied for eight years and scientists who artificially induced 300 animals (dogs, cats and Tasmanian devils) with tumors and melanomas succeeded to cure 60% of them with the extract of the berries. According to the researchers, none of cured tumors returned afterwards.

The ingredients that these berries contain can kill the timorous cells by directing the blood flow from the infected tissue which stimulates the immune system of the organism to actively decompose the tumor. More importantly, there were no side-effects.

Unfortunately, this plant can hardly succeed growing in other places, but luckily there are other gifts from the nature that are more common and have the ability to fight cancer. Here are the three most effective ones:

Hemp oil saved the life of a man from Croatia. After 4 years of chemotherapy that additionally ruined his life, this man started using the oil illegally, but it was worth it, for the oil practically caused him to cough out the tumor. He’s just one of the numerous cases that prove the effectiveness of hemp oil.

After Ann Cameron had a surgery for removing a cancerous tissue from her colon, the cancer came back few months later at the end of 2012, entering fourth terminal stage and metastasizing to her lungs. She refused chemo and decided to follow Ralph Cole’s steps, the man who claimed to have cured his cancer by drinking 2 pounds of carrot juice daily.

She didn’t even change her dietary habits much. Show would sometimes eat unhealthy food and forget to drink the juice for 3-4 days but it didn’t affect the treatment.

After 8 weeks of practicing this treatment the CT scan showed that the cancerous tumors have stopped growing and that there was a small reduction in tumor and swelling of the lymph nodes. In March 2013 there were no signs of new tumors while the existing ones kept shrinking. By July 2013 she was completely cancer-free. Again, she’s just one example out of many.


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