AMAZING LIFE STORY: She Beat The Cancer Consuming This Natural Juice

On June 6th 2012, the American children’s books author Anne Cameron has undergone surgery for treating stage three colon cancer. After the surgery she refused chemo because she felt better, but it seemed that it was only a placebo effect. Only few months later on November 6th she got devastating news after a computer tomography – the colon cancer wasn’t cured and has entered stage four.

The doctors weren’t positive for Anne’s lifespan and gave her no more than three years to live. She was advised to undergo chemo this time even though it didn’t guarantee to prolong her life. Having an earlier experience back from 2005 when she lost her husband to lung cancer, she again refused chemo and decided to look for an alternative treatment to win the fight.

That’s when Anne came across the life story of Ralf Kola, a skin cancer survivor who claimed that he beat the cancer by consuming juice made of 2.5 kilos of carrots every day.

She decided to go Ralf’s way and began to drink the juice every day while occasionally enjoying some junk food like ice cream. Two weeks after the examination showed no signs of improvement, but eight weeks after computer tomography showed that the cancer stopped spreading; the tumors and the lymph nodes began to shrink.

After four months the cancer continued its retrieving and her glands were back to normal. After eight months, the cancer was completely gone.

The natural fatty alcohol and a pesticide found in carrots are the ones with the anti-cancer properties. The juice increases the levels of carotenoids in the blood, organic pigments that are believed to prevent formation of tumor cells.


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