Amazing Herb Kills 98% Of Cancer Cells In Just 16 Hours

Being one of the deadliest diseases in today’s world, scientists constantly try to find cure for cancer.

A herb caller wormwood or Artemisia Annua, can kill 98% of cancer cells in just 16 hours. This herb was widely used in Chinese medicine to cure lung cancer.

The herb itself can reduce cancer cells up to 28%, but combined with iron, wormwood successfully eliminates lung cancer. At first it was used to treat malaria, but   now it has been shown its effectiveness against cancer as well.

Scientists noticed that when artemisine, the substance of wormwood, is combined with iron, it determines the “bad”  cells and destroys them, leaving the good ones aside.

In the conclusion of the researches conducted in the cancer laboratory at the University of California was stated the following: “In general, our results show that artemisinin stops ‘E2F1’ transcription factor and intervenes in destruction of lung cancer cells, meaning it presents a transcription way according to which artemisinin controls reproductive cancer cell growth”

Since iron deposites in cancer cells with special receptors which help in cell division, and normal cells also have these receptors, cancer cells can be targeted by the combination of iron and artemisinin.

Henry Lai and Narendra Singh from the University of Washington were the first scientists to discover that Malaria parasite cannot survive in the presence of artemisinine, because it is rich in iron.

It’s been announced by the French medicine producer, “Sanofi” that they expect production of 50 to 60 tons artemisinin every year, hoping that it will satisfy the needs of the world market.

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