Aluminum In Deodorants Can Cause Breast Cancer. Use Lime To Eliminate Body Odor

Our body is naturally programmed to detoxify itself through the process called sweating. Sweating occurs when excess heat evaporates through sweat and cools the body.

Even though there are numerous sweat glands all over our body, those under the armpits are the ones that bug us the most, because most active sweat glands are located in that area and they release sweat frequently. Because of the fatty acids and proteins, sweat leaves stains on our clothes.

Beside the staining, the sweat odor is the main reason why we choose to use deodorants and antiperspirants, without knowing that by trying to stop this natural vital function we’re harming our health. Sweating is good – sweat contains chemicals that fight diseases. According to latest studies, these chemicals contain natural antibiotics with strong ability to kill harmful germs. Think about it; how many times have your mother made you sweat excessively on purpose while you were down with the flu?

Stopping such an important process is not the wisest idea. If you want to get rid of the smell, there are other harmless ways to do so, that have been long practiced in folk medicine.

Furthermore, deodorants contain aluminum, which is why they have been linked to higher risk of breast cancer. Here’s a natural solution for the sweat odor:

Cut a not fully ripe lime in half and wipe your armpits. Lime may brighten the skin under your arms a little but don’t worry, your skin will soon return its normal color.

The acidity of the lime is what fights the odor. Lime juice contains acid that reduces sweat production and works as a natural deodorant, plus limes have strong antibacterial properties, and bacteria are responsible for the odor.

Always let your armpits to perspire in order to naturally detoxify your body. As for the odor, run to the store and get you some limes!


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