After Healing His Own Cancer With Cannabis, Self-Taught Doctor Helped Over 5000 Patients

When you hear the name Rick Simpson you may immediately associate it with cannabis, and for a reason. This man is the world’s cannabis icons and activists for legalization of marijuana who has treated more than 5000 people by using cannabis oil.

Rick is a self-taught doctor and a mechanical engineer from Canada. His cannabis story begins during the period of his life when he was diagnosed with severe skin cancer back in 2002 and managed to cure himself by utilizing hemp oil. He told his life-journey to Telegraf, about his fight against the government and corrupt doctors and also shared the recipe that kills all types of tumors and a vast variety of serious health issues like diabetes, arteriosclerosis, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, asthma, and psoriasis – in 90 days.

“It was 2002. The doctors had given up on me because I’d had more than one unsuccessful operation on three pigmented lesions on my face’s skin. As soon as these were removed, they would reappear even more infected! Since I had been studying plants as a hobby for years, one day as I was looking at my wounds in the mirror, I remembered a study from the University of Virginia that said that THC, an active component of cannabis could cure cancer. I took some cannabis oil I had prepared beforehand from the cabinet and dripped a few drops directly on the wound.”

After four days I removed the bandages and I couldn’t believe my eyes! The wound was no longer there, and my skin was regenerated! I immediately started talking to people about how I had cured skin cancer with cannabis oil…Everyone laughed at me, but then eleven and a half years have passed, and the cancer still hasn’t returned”  said Rick.

After his survival, Rick decided to help other people who were unfortunate enough to be diagnosed with cancer or other type of disease mentioned above. His most recent success case is an 80-year-old man who suffered from lung cancer and practically was on his deathbed. Thanks to Rick’s help, this man is healthy again. After six weeks of treatment with hemp oil, he needed no insulin, and after three months he was completely cured.

Rick’s story has had many ups and downs. He was imprisoned for four days for cultivating, owning and selling marijuana in 2005, despite his claiming that he only cultivated it for the oil, not for selling it as weed). Eventually he was released after paying $2.000 fine, but at one point he was threatened with the punishment of 12 years in prison.

“The worst thing was the fact that the jurors were people whose loved ones I treated with hemp oil. Even the judge knew it was all a farce. At one point he even said that instead of judging me, he should be rewarding me. Everyone knew and no one could do anything about it. They didn’t even allow ten patients I cured from cancer to testify. They didn’t allow the doctors to go to the bench, as well as they didn’t let me present a bunch of medical documentation on the effects of my oil.”

Below is the video of Rick’s whole life story:


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