A Real Man Will Protect You, Not Abuse You – Know Your Worth

You deserve a love that fills you with happiness and hope, not one that drags you down and makes you feel like you’re drowning. While it might be easier to settle for someone toxic, doing that doesn’t help you in any possible way. 

It is time for us all to understand that real men don’t abuse their partners if he really loved you he would treat you right. Sure, you might really care about him but you cannot force him to change no matter how hard you try. Love does not have to be so damn painful and the sooner we let that sink in the better.

There is nothing wrong with moving on from someone who hurt you and finding something that works better for you. You deserve a love that shows you just how amazing you are each day. We all need to try a bit harder to know our worth so that when toxic people come into our lives, we can get rid of them as we should rather than clinging to them. 

Sure, he might have seemed perfect to begin with, but he wasn’t. As soon as his mask came off you realized who he was and what he was out for. That in itself should have sent you running but for whatever reason, it didn’t. If he really loved you and cared for you he would want to build you up and help you to better yourself overall. 

He wouldn’t waste your time, and he wouldn’t go back over and over again making you wonder why he’s even with you in the first place. If he’s constantly tearing you down, he’s toxic as hell and you deserve better than anything he will ever offer. If he really wanted to be with you he would make the effort to do better and be better, you of all people should know that. 

It’s been so long and you’ve given him so many chances yet nothing has changed. He still feeds on your insecurities and leaves you wondering what you’ve done wrong when you’ve done nothing wrong. Stop letting him win and take charge of your life. 

While cutting ties and moving on will be hard it will help you grow tremendously. Only through letting go of this person and the things they do to you can you find yourself properly. Stop settling in love and really take the initiative you need in order to move forth. 

The person you love should be someone you can turn to in times of trouble, not someone you’re afraid to open up to. If you’re not both on the same page and able to grow together things will never work. I know, leaving him behind is hard but it is something that you will never regret.

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