A Plant Based Diet Is 8 Times More Protective Against Cancer

Many people regard cancer as a single disease, when in fact it is a class of diseases characterized by out-of-control cell growth. Only in 2012, 14.1 million fresh reports of cancer were recorded on global level excluding skin cancer.

The fast growing number of people suffering from the disease is bigger every year. Lately, in U.S. alone 1 among 2 men and 1 among 3 women are set to develop cancer at some stage of life. It is predicted that by 2050 the number of cancer cases will become two times more than that of now.

For now there are some ways to try and prevent the disease from happening. One of them is by including more unprocessed vegetarian foods of plant origin and cutting low on non vegetarian eatables.

In 2005 scientists conducted series of experiments that confirmed that as compared to the individuals following Standard American Diet Plan, the blood of individuals relying on unprocessed plant foods was 8 times more effective in combat against cancer cells. Here’s what the experimental study revealed:

“Experimental group patients were prescribed an intensive lifestyle program that included a vegan diet supplemented with soy (1 daily serving of tofu plus 58 gm of a fortified soy protein powdered beverage), fish oil (3 gm daily), vitamin E (400 IU daily), selenium (200 mcg daily) and vitamin C (2 gm daily), moderate aerobic exercise (walking 30 minutes 6 days weekly), stress management techniques (gentle yoga based stretching, breathing, meditation, imagery and progressive relaxation for a total of 60 minutes daily) and participation in a 1-hour support group once weekly to enhance adherence to the intervention.10 The diet was predominantly fruits, vegetables, whole grains (complex carbohydrates), legumes and soy products, low in simple carbohydrates and with approximately 10% of calories from fat.11 The diet is intensive but palatable and practical. In earlier studies most patients were able to adhere to this diet for at least 5 years”.

The subjects who ate plant based unprocessed foods reported that they also took part in different constructive activities including joining a stress management class, taking part in yoga and other similar activities. This implied that positive changes have a big role in our overall health that even offer a cancer free life.

A similar research was conducted on breast cancer patients who only after two weeks of sticking to plant based foods and light exercise showed incredible positive results. After the women were put on the regiment, the blood results that came 14 days later showed that the blood of these women had became tremendously more powerful against cancer cells.

To determine the effectiveness solely from physical activities the researchers conducted separate studies and learned that physical activities also have an essential part to play, but eating unprocessed plant foods is twice more effective than physical activities alone.

Source: collective-evolution.com

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