8 Ways How The Vaseline Can Make You More Beautiful

All women will gladly give a bunch of money on expensive beauty products without knowing that the ordinary Vaseline can be a great replacement.

Although the Vaseline is always associated with skin problems and burns, it can be used daily as beauty product.

  • It helps you to remove the artificial eyelashes

Instead of destroying your eyelashes when you remove the artificial eyelashes, cover them with Vaseline layer. Before taking them off, rub in a bit of Vaseline on the edge of the lid, wait a few minutes and then carefully take them off.

  • It ease the placement of earrings

If you are not a girl or woman who wears earrings every day, you probably have a problem when you want to put them on. Do not force it to update the old hole. Instead, spread the needle with Vaseline, and try to place it in the old ear hole.

  • Use it instead of eye highlighter

Put a little Vaseline on the inner corner of the eye and on your cheekbones to get the same, shiny effect.

  • Define your eyelashes without mascara

Instead of putting 10 layers of mascara, you can well define your eyelashes if you rub in with an eyebrow brush a little Vaseline on them. So you will make them visually longer and with greater volume.

  • To soothe your eyebrows

On your finger tips rub on a little Vaseline then smooth the eyebrows. Then brush them with a special brush and they will remain in that position all day.

  • It protects the skin while you are painting your hair

Every woman who paints her hair knows how difficult it is to try not to convey the hair color on the ears and the forehead. To help you not to bother anymore before the painting apply a thick layer of Vaseline on the parts that you mostly stain, then clean them with a tissue.

  • For lips peeling

Mix 1 teaspoon brown sugar with the same amount of Vaseline and make a peeling. If you want a peeling for the whole body instead of sugar, put a salt.

  • Visually it makes your legs look thinner

If you want to make your legs to visually look thinner, moisten them with a small amount of Vaseline. If you wish to give them an extra shine or a darker shade, mix the Vaseline with a small amount of bronzer.

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