75% Of All Conventional Chicken Is Full of Cancer-Causing Arsenic, Make This Switch Immediately

In recent years, healthy food and lifestyle have gained big popularity even though it has been the ideal remedy and for centuries back. Despite being a positive trend, not many people pay attention to the origin of their supposedly healthy food.

A lot of the farmed animals and farm foods are treated with pesticides and are serious threat to our health.

There are, however, organically raised farm animals and food products are all natural, offering only the best and healthiest substances a person needs to keep their health optimal.

When it comes to farm animals, chicken is by far posing the biggest threat according to the FDA. This is due to the fact that they are raised in an unhealthy, forced environment that causes them to produce meat and eggs full of dangerous substances, which are often alarming for the health. So far the worst substance found in farm-raised chickens in arsenic, known to cause cancer in numerous cases.

To sum up for those who aren’t very familiar, arsenic is a chemical element that despite the ability of having both organic and inorganic origin is extremely harmful for our health and can trigger cancer; especially the inorganic one.

Without being aware, you may be exposed to inorganic arsenic whether through your food or life habits, including drinking polluted water and consuming particular food products such as fish, shellfish, meat, dairy products, and poultry.

Long-term arsenic exposure can lead to diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and nervous system toxicity. The main symptoms which derive from being subjected to inorganic arsenic include:

  • diarrhea
  • vomiting
  • stiffness and numbness
  • muscle cramping
  • stomachaches

Extreme exposure can even result in death. Other indicators of arsenic presence involve skin pigmentation changes and cancer.

The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) has declared arsenic and its general structure as poisonous. The most caused type of cancer due to arsenic is skin cancer. In some cases bladder and lung cancer were also noticed. The first cancer manifestation as a result of arsenic exposure is noticeable within the first years of the direct contact with the chemical.

Thanks to their fabricated diet, chickens are often full of organic arsenic which further transforms into inorganic arsenic.

The additives in the chicken feeding process mainly cause somewhat less dangerous, organic arsenic, into the farm more dangerous, inorganic arsenic. That’s why researchers from the FDA’s Center for Veterinary Medicine and the Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition became dedicated in discovering the levels of arsenic found in chickens. They found traces of inorganic arsenic presence inside the chicken meat used for consumption, while traces of carbarsone were also detected; this substance is responsible for preventing animals for getting infected. 3-Nitro and arsanilic acid are responsible for all of it. They are used for encouraging weight gain in animals.

As soon as these records were announced, the aforementioned substances were excluded from further usage. Yet, certain additives are still continuously used in chickens’ diet, in order to accelerate their growth- among which is Histostat, also rich in arsenic.

There are ways to reduce arsenic exposure. One way to do this is to completely change your diet to organic and pay attention to food labels.

A survey carried out by the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy stated that approximately three quarters of the farm bred chickens contain high levels of arsenic, whereas in organically raised chickens the chemical was found in only one third of the chickens.

While completely avoiding arsenic is not really probable, you can switch onto consuming organic products and drinking safe and tested water.

Source: checkoutthehealthyworld.com

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