74-year-old Man Won The Stomach Cancer With The Help of Wheatgrass

Being diagnosed with stomach cancer, Danny MacDonald (74 year old retiree) was given only 3 months to live.

Knowing that chemo will only worsen things for him, he turned to alternative treatments. Today, after 4 years of his diagnosis, he is alive and well and cancer free all thanks to the incredible wheatgrass juice made with young wheat stalks.

When Danny announced to his doctors that he refuses to undergo chemo, the doctors weren’t pleased and continuously repeated to him that he will die in 3 months if he doesn’t accept chemotherapy.

Despite what he was advised, he continued his way of treatment and after only one week, the itching has stopped and Danny started feeling much better. After one month of having completely excluded the prescribed meds, all of his pain that made his life unbearable, stopped.

Danny started his dosage with 28gr. juice a day, and gradually increased the dosage (7 ounces a day). He also gained his weight back.

He Is a living proof of the power of wheatgrass and its power to defeat cancer, something that doctors will never admit to the public.

Source: justnaturallife.com

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