7 Signs He is In Love With You, Even If He Doesn’t Say It

Seven signs can tell you that he is in love with you even if he is not saying that to you.

Women and men can express their affection and love on a very different way. The women often admit the love and they say ‘I love you’, while the men show the love with their daily actions.

Sometimes, this can be confusing. But the truth is that women and men think very differently. However, there are a least seven common behaviors that can show that he is in love with you.

We really believe that love most of the times is the things that people do, not what they say.

Seven signs that will show if your boyfriend is in love with you:

  1. He makes sacrifices for you

It is easier to make a sacrifice if you care about someone. It takes love, maturity and selflessness. Men do not want his girl to be unhappy and they will do a lot of things to prevent that. If your boyfriend makes sacrifices for you, he is saying that he loves you in that way.

  1. He listens to what you are saying

Women are better listeners than men. If he listens to you and he responds, so he is an active listener- he really cares about you.

  1. He is showing his vulnerable side

Men are cautious and they do not show any behavior that can show his weakness. They all want to look strong. But when he is in love, your man starts to let the guard down.

  1. Your man loves your look on the ‘worst days’

When a man loves a woman, he loves her no matter her appearance. So when he gives you compliments when you are a real mess, he is saying that he loves you.

  1. Your man is proud of you

He is bragging about you to her friends and family. He is showing his love on this way.

  1. Your man sticks up for you

If your man does not love you, he will not stick up for you.

Most men like to avoid controversy, so if he defends you, that’s big and it’s definitely his way of saying, “I love you.”


This is the last one, but it is surely one of the MOST important. It’ s a given that in any relationship, a man should automatically show you, your family and friends respect.  The reason is simple; he cares for you and he needs to properly treat them with care as well.

While he may not like every single one of your family members or  “catty” friends, he’ll keep his opinion to himself, because he knows how much they mean to you. Creating a good report with them is definitely his way of showing you he loves you, without actually saying it.

All in all, the take away here is to remember to appreciate all of the little things that he does and realize that they are acts of love. He may not say he loves you as much as you say it, but his way of displaying affection is biologically different than yours. Deal?!

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