7 Inspirational Stories Of People Who Beat Their Cancer With Cannabis Oil

After many years of being neglected and labeled as harmful, cannabis is finally getting the deserved recognition.

Here are seven stories of people who are well and alive today thanks this miraculous plant.

Basically, it all started with Rick Simpson who invented the hemp oil that cured his cancer. After the positive personal experience, he offered this cure to the Canadian authorities, but instead of being praised, he ended up being prosecuted. Nonetheless, he still is considered a hero.

Being frightened of the results the chemo cream had on other cancer patients, David Triplett decided to cure his cancerous lesions with cannabis oil. After four weeks, the lesions were gone.

Another proud cancer survivor who used Rick’s hemp oil is Dennis Hill. The biochemist got rid of his cancer in six months using the oil along with a healthy diet and exercise.

Shona Banda is not a cancer survivor, but the eight year war with Chron’s disease was finally won thanks to the hemp oil. She wrote about her experience in her book Live Free or Die.

America’s “First Lady of Cannabis”, Cheryl Shuman was on a cocktail of medications including 27 morphine tablets a day trying to cure her cancer before she finally came across cannabis oil. After 90 days, her cancer got into remission.

Type two diabetes is a very serious disease that can impose a great negative impact one one’s life. Such is the case with Peter Germain, who eventually decided to give cannabis oil a shot. After six weeks he lost 50 lbs. and his blood sugar levels dropped drastically.

When the 9 year old Mykayla was diagnosed with cancer, she was headed toward full body radiation and bone marrow transplant. But, after spending many days in suffering, her parents decided to give her cannabis oil. Within six days, little Mykayla was in remission.

More people need to understand that they have nothing to lose if they try to cure themselves with cannabis. It’s a natural remedy that doesn’t cause any negative side-effects.

Source: foodsandhealthylife.com

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