60 Second Sweat: One Deep Core Move For Ultimate Ab Definition

Get a firmer stomach and improve the rest of your gym game with this one move.

If you want to smooth out those stomach rolls, then take note from this strengthening move!

We teamed up with Nike Master Trainer (he’s Ellie Goulding’s PT guys) Faisal Abdalla to bring you a new killer 60 second sweat move every week.

Sit-ups are great, but this move targets your transverse abs (the really deep muscles) and engages your core. Not only will that firm-up and define your stomach, but it will improve your ability to lift weights in the gym!

You might not think that it looks too difficult, but just you wait…


  1. From seated position, lean back 90 degrees to feel your core engage.
  2. With hands behind your head; kick your legs up and down, alternating throughout.
  3. Repeat three times and feel the burn.

Legs are constantly tensed and moving, never touching the floor.
Pull in your stomach to protect your back.


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