6 Ways to Lose Belly Fat Without Exercise In No Time

Eliminating belly fat is recommended by many doctors since it can cause serious health issues. This fat is also called visceral fat and releases cytokines which are inflammatory molecules and also causes the brain to release the stress hormone cortisol. It affects the natural production of insulin which can lead to heart diseases or getting Type 2 diabetes.

There are many methods to eliminate this type of fat, most common are controlling the portion intake, cardio exercises, counting calories, etc. But, there are also non-traditional ways that can help like eating carbs, drinking wine and relaxing and shrinking the stomach.

One of the methods as mentioned before is eating carbs. Many people believe that by cutting off carbs from your diet will help you lose weight, but in fact it’s quite the opposite. Consuming only dark bread, couscous, cereal fiber and bulgur wheat will satisfy your hunger by making you feel full, thus making other foods harder to digest.

Include dairy food on daily basis, like cheese, milk and yogurt. Having three cups a day for 12 weeks will cause more weight loss than just dieting. Linoleic acid is also in dairy foods which aids in belly fat elimination.

Sleep more! If you lack sleep, the hormones which cause hunger, leptin and gherlin kick into gear and make you have an appetite and make your stomach not feel full, so if you are a light sleeper, you are at risk to obesity.

Have a glass or two of wine. Women who drink couple of glasses of alcohol on daily basis weight less because they don’t eat as much.

Drinking two cups of water before every meal will make you feel fuller, thus you will eat less. So, instead of choosing sugary drinks, have a glass of water. It will also keep you hydrated, keep you from overeating and will flush out toxins from your body through the kidneys.

Add cinnamon to your coffee or tea instead of sugar. It will balance the blood sugar levels, and also it is very important to eat whole grains, veggies and proteins instead of processed foods.

These are truly great options to lose fat and weight without having to work out and will change your life to better.

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